Krrish 3


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Nội dung:

After defeating the villainous Dr. Siddhant Arya and bringing his father Rohit back from the dead, Krrish continued fighting against evil and saving innocent lives. Now Krishna's living happily with his wife Priya, Rohit is using his scientific brilliance to benefit society, and Krrish is everyone's favorite superhero savior. Unknown to them, a dark force is growing in another part of the world. Kaal, an evil genius, is selfishly misusing his powers to spread fear, death, and destruction, assisted by an army of very dangerous beings created by himself. Not long after Kaal's plans are put into action, both Rohit and Krrish face a crisis of epic proportions that only they can resolve, together. But when they finally cross paths with Kaal and his army, neither is prepared for what lies ahead. Kaal not only brings the world to the brink of disaster, he also puts the strength and love of Krishna and his family to the test.